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Record Keeping Dual

Childminding paperwork all in one place. This book has been designed to last one year for two people working together as childminders or as an assistant, it runs in line with the UK tax year to make childminding easier. It includes:

👑  Whom you need to register with

👑  What you legally need to display

👑  A guide to what statutory guides you should follow and those you should regard

👑  Tips for your personal portfolio

👑  Wish list

👑  Fees Guide

👑  Daily risk assessment checklist

👑  12-page annual risk assessments for your setting, car and outings

👑  7 main Policies and Procedures with over 50 subheadings

👑  Poisonous plants list

👑  Emergency contacts page

👑  All records:

  • 48 Accident forms

  • 16 Incident forms

  • 28 Medication forms with space for 9 entries on each

  • 16 Existing injuries forms

  • 6 Safeguarding forms

  • 2 Allegation form

  • 4 Exception forms

  • 4 Independent arrival forms

  • 28 New child detail forms

  • 28 Contracts

  • 28 Permissions forms

👑  Guidance to help you completed your monthly diary which includes:

👑  Calendar to help you keep track of the spaces you have available

👑  Reminders and deadlines
👑  Reflecting on your provision
👑  Professional development
👑  Planning idea
👑  Fire drill and safety checks (detectors, extinguishers), baby monitors
👑  First aid box contents check
👑  Action plan


This book works in unison alongside our others in the series to make a complete childminding package:

Book 1 Annual Diary

Book 2 Record Keeping

Book 3 Learning Journal

Book 4 GDPR for childminders


Record Keeping Dual

Working with an assistant

"This is really good quality, well-designed book, that is really going to help me keep organised and all in one place, really pleased, best money I have spent!!!" Sarah Davis-Childminder

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