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Child Assessments

The Learning Journal is book three of a four-part series, together they make a complete childminding package, each journal runs for the whole time the child is in the EYFS age group.


  📓Birth to Five

  📓One to five

  📓Two to five

  📓Three to five​

Example Pages

Choose Your Communication Diaries By Age Range?

The Communication Diary's complement the Childcare Kingdom four-part record-keeping series and complete the childminding package, great for showing working in partnership with parents and other career's, each book has been designed to suit the needs of a child in that particular age group and will last a full-time child six months

  📓My Baby Diary, Birth to One

  📓My Toddler Diary, One to Three

  📓My Big Kid Diary, Three to five

  📓My Preschool & Childminder Diary, Three to five​, for children who attend two settings.

Example Pages

Choose Your Learning Journal By Age Range?

"I had my Ofsted inspection yesterday I used the journal and the diary and the Ofsted inspector commented that she loved the books" Catherine Duffy-Childminder

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