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Childcare Kingdom started out as Dinky Digits, which was the name of my childminding business that I started in 2011, after 20 years of working in various childcare roles in different settings from assistant to manager and eventually foster carer.

Whilst childminding I was shocked at just how much I was expected to do on my own, being solely responsible to act as manager, caregiver, educator, health and safety officer, SENCO, nurse, environment planner, builder, accountant, marketing agent, secretary, reporter and then to work 50 hours a week or more hands on with the children and many hours on top of this producing my own paperwork. It’s exhausting! No wonder childminding numbers are declining dramatically!!!!!!   

After two years of perfecting finding time to squeeze everything in I started selling my resources to new childminders in the hope that they wouldn’t have to go through what I had in the past two years, then sadly in 2015 I had to give up my thriving childminding business to move abroad with my husband’s job.

Although it still concerned me that so many childminders were leaving the profession after years of childminding because of the immense pressure from the paperwork side of childminding. So, I decided with all my free time to reinvent and make perfect my childminding paperwork, in order to try and help keep childminders in their jobs because after working in all types of childcare settings, I firmly believe childminding is the best childcare available for this and all generations to come, and in January 2016 I sold my first book on Amazon and Childcare Kingdom was born.

Since then I started a support group and built a website to help childminders gain access to all the information they need to carry out their million and one tasks, successfully and professionally. I hope to make your role as a childminder easy, simple, less frustrating, less stressful and most importantly enjoyable.

Best Wishes and Happy Childminding! Anna

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This was me when I started childminding
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Some of my most loyal customers will recognise the very first version of the annual childminding diary in 2013

Meet the team

Whoops, don't have a team, it's just Anna-Marie Owen. The founder of Childcare Kingdom and she is best known for writing books for childcare provider’s, including her Annual Diary for Childminders which hit number 2 in the Amazon bestseller list in Almanac’s & Yearbooks. Her work has been praised by Ofsted inspectors and her extensive customer base. She is also currently working on several children’s books and extending her range of provider-based books.

She’s the wife of Andy a chief technical officer who works in the Caribbean and mother of two young adult sons. She’s also been a nursery assistant, preschool manager, childminder and foster carer. Anna-Marie enjoys family time, socialising and travelling. She decided to start her own business Childcare Kingdom in 2015 in order to help childminders with the overwhelming amount of paperwork needed. She has been successful in helping many childminders reap the rewards of running a successful business and most importantly gaining back quality time with their own families. 


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