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Everything you need to become compliant with the general data protection regulation 2018


What is ICO? Registration details                                                                                     

👑 What is GDPR?  

👑 Why do we need the GDPR?

👑 The GDPR principles                                                                                        

👑 What does the new GDPR mean to a childminder 

👑 Guidance to help you complete your data audit:

Example Setting Information, Risk assessment, Safety processes, Legal requirements, Data flow, Action plan, Prevention record, Example data protection impact assessment, Example breach register, Breach procedure, Subject access request, Legal Obligations of the EYFS, and Lawful basis retention periods                                                                                             


👑 Data sharing agreement                                                                                                             

👑 Privacy notice                                                                                                                   

👑 Retention policy                                                                                                                           

👑 Data protection and confidentiality policy                                                                               


👑 Data sharing agreement                                                                                                             

👑 Privacy notice                                                                                                                               

👑 Retention policy                                                                                                                           

Your GDPR compliance records:                                                                                             

👑 Data Audit                                                                                                                       

👑 Action Plan                                                                                                                                  

👑 Prevention Record                                                                                                                       

👑 Data Protection Impact Assessment                                                          

👑 Breach register                                                                                                                            

👑 Subject access request                                                                                                                

👑 References                                                                                                                       


This book works in unison alongside our others in the series to make a complete childminding package:

Book 1 Annual Diary

Book 2 Record Keeping

Book 3 Learning Journal

Book 4 GDPR for childminders


GDPR for Childminders

Compliance Records

"Really liked this book. Made GDPR easy to understand and deal with" Kay Hartburn-Childminder

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